Tradition in the glass since 1850

The Arman family, led by Franc and Oliver, continue today to cultivate the fundamental values of the traditions with the same fervour as their ancestors who began to plant vine as early as 1850. Because in the beauty and the values of the vineyards lay the essence of life, the foundation and the strong basis for the survival of Istrian families.

During the past half century, the grandfather Edoardo Arman diligently and devotedly was planting Malvasia and Teran. With hard work, in which he put unmistakable love and all his life, he perfected the art of making “good” wine. Today, on the basis of this invaluable tradition, the Arman family rises again and again to new heights and to new spheres of excellence.


Choose a wine you like

Premium istrian wine Franc Arman, an invaluable gift of nature, as well as the best possible combination of tradition and modern technology. Find the right one for yourself. We are always ready to assist you in choosing the wine that suits your character, your wishes and taste the best.


Discover all our wines

Due to the use of different varieties, as well as the carefully chosen methods of maturing and nurturing wine, we can offer you a broad spectrum of flavours and aromas on the wine experience palette. Discover our wines and their premium aromas. Among our white wines you will find Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Malvasia Classic, Rosé, Dolceto and Perla Bianca, while among the red wines you have the choice between Cabernet Franc, Teran, Merlot and Teran Barrique.


Wine tasting

Each of our wines tells a unique story and takes you on an unforgettable journey where you will truly experience with every intoxicating sip the terroir – the taste and aroma of the soil, the tangible essence of life of the grapevine in a glass of the best wine. So visit our tasting room because this is the best way to let you know how tradition, knowledge and innovation are combined into perfection.

Someone from the Arman family is always available to provide you a pleasant environment in our wine tasting room. You can announce your arrival by phone +385 (0)52 446 226.

Working hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 15:00. Contact us for an out of hours visit.

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First-class wine

Just as they learned from their fathers and grandfathers, respecting the centuries-old knowledge that is conveyed from generation to generation in the Arman family, Franc and Oliver carefully choose and pick the best grapes by hand. In this way the wines gain their personality, their distinctive aroma and rich bouquet. These award-winning wines are nurtured, ripened and stored in ideal conditions in the family cellar, a cellar where you will find the synergy of tradition, innovation and excellence.


Tradition, passion & knowledge

Thanks to the knowledge they have collected since they were little, Franc and Oliver use the most advanced oenological technology to produce their wines in a completely natural process. Five metres below the ground, in stainless steel barrels, young, fresh wines rich in aroma are produced. The mature, more characterful and complex, the full bodied ones, father and son Arman nurture in large wooden barrels as well as in barrique barrels. These wines surprise with their personality even the most demanding wine connoisseurs.



Are you interested in wine stories? You see wine as something sublime, the artistic story of earth, wind and sun? In that case, follow our blog where you will be able to read many interesting things about wine, its production, news from our vineyard and the principles of winemaking we have been respecting for many years.

Terra rossa simbol je Istre i blago naših vinograda

(Hrvatski) Crvena zemlja, terra rossa, od pamtivijeka je specifičnost istarskog podneblja, koju danas možemo nazvati i jednim od simbola Istre. Teran Franca Armana raste na sunčanim obroncima sa zemljom crljenicom, pa su nasadi, koji tako upijaju toplinu sunca i snagu kiše, svake nove sezone bogati i rodni. Puni mirisnih bobica grožđa koje se u daljnjim procesima pretvara u vrhunsko, autohtono vino.

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